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We Have Stock of Aftermarket Nissan Patrol Accessories for All Older Models

We strive to find the best value and range of products and accessories for 4x4 vehicles, camping, archery, sporting goods, and many more. We manufacture, import and export our products and supply directly to our customers, eliminating the need to deal with a middle man and avoid exorbitant markups. You are sure to find a vast range of Amarok, Defender, Ford Everest, Hilux, Landcruiser, Pajero Sport, and Nissan Patrol accessories for many models available in our product ranges.


When Buying Nissan Patrol GU Jungle Flares, Consider This

We stock the new Cobra 4x4 Jungle Flares compatible with the Nissan Patrol GU 1997 – 2004 Series 1, 2, and 3 models. These flares will complement oversized tyres and give your vehicle a more aggressive appearance and blend in with a flared bumper. Made from 3,5mm thick black textured ABS plastic, these flares will protect your panels from damage during your off-road excursions.


A Short Buyer’s Guide for a Nissan GU Patrol Bonnet Protector

We stock Nissan GU Patrol bonnet protectors compatible with we have bonnet protectors for patrols from 1998 to 2020 models that don’t just protect your 4x4 but add to its rugged appearance. Due to their aerodynamic design, our range of bonnet protectors will direct airflow away from the bonnet and windshield, protecting them from insects and other debris.


Why You Should Fit a Compatible Patrol Bonnet Protector

A bonnet protector not only protects your bonnet from stone chips and small road debris but, due to its aerodynamic design also protects your windscreen from stone chips and insects. They can also hide any scratches and chips on the tip of the bonnet. They are definitely worth the investment, especially if you often venture on dirt roads or through the bush with your Nissan Patrol. Our range of bonnet protectors for the Nissan Patrol Y62 2013 – 2019 models are made from impact-modified acrylic for maximum protection. This material is extremely tough, ensuring it is durable and long-lasting, it is also highly flexible and UV resistant. They are easy to install, require no drilling and come with the brackets, screws, and clips that you will need to fit them.

Contact us if you are struggling to source a bonnet protector for your 4x4 or any other accessory or if you can’t find it in our online store, and we will gladly assist you.