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BT-50 2012-2019

Bt50 Accessories Improves Your Vehicle

The Mazda BT-50 is a great UTE, and with the fitting of specially designed accessories, it is modified into the perfect vehicle for adventure anywhere you want to drive it. The most common Bt50 accessories are an air intake snorkel, a cab roof rack and fender flares. Read below for a quick overview of each of these accessories, and then order them from us.


What You Need to Know About a Bt 50 Snorkel

The purpose of fitting a snorkel to a vehicle is to raise the air intake point as high as possible from road level, thereby alleviating the strain on the air filters. Before ordering a Mazda Bt 50 snorkel kit, consider the following:


Facts About Bt50 Roof Racks

A roof rack adds more loading space to the BT-50, which is especially convenient for long items like canoes. As you browse for the perfect roof rack for your BT-50, here are some highlights of our products:


Purpose of Mazda Bt Flares

Fender flares look nice on a 4x4 and can give it that aggressive look so in vogue these days, but they also serve a function:


Finally, observe that some fender flares are glued onto the bodywork, but others require the drilling of holes for several retaining screws. Check on this before ordering.

We stock various aftermarket trim and accessories for the Mazda BT-50 and other popular 4x4s, all of which can be ordered from our website and delivered anywhere in Australia. Contact us for advice on the best snorkels, roof racks and fender flares for your vehicle.